Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mud Dog!

Oh, isn't he precious?? He loves just laying around, getting all the attention from the kids and everything. He plays with his toys, looks forward to treats,  & anticipates Shawn getting home from work because that's his buddy. But, of course, I take him for walks everyday around the dam. We met a friend named Shirley, who also takes her dog, Buster, so they can play together. 

But here's the thing. He loves the water, the dirt, looking up trees to find unsuspecting birds and squirrels, and just running around free as a bird as it were. That all adds up to me having to practically bath him on a daily basis. Take a look at him enjoying his surroundings...

Yoo-hoo, Birdy, where are you? Come down and play with me, Squirrel. OK, maybe not. I'll just leave then...

Take a dip in the water in the middle of winter... no problem.

Or dig for rabbits, moles, hedgehogs. I'm not picky!

And then this is what I look like at the end of my walks with Mom. He's loving life. Just thought I'd share. Sigh... :-)

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