Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meet My Melanie...

Sweet, spunky, driven, happy-go-lucky Melanie! Those are just a few words to describe our 3rd child. In this picture she is working away at her history. Of course, I enter the room with a camera, and she is happy to oblige with a great big smile. 

Mel couldn't wait for Fletch to get to us from the States. We moved to England in May and had to wait for him through the quarantine process to get to us just about a week ago. Melanie pined for him and created a countdown calendar 39 days before his long trip to us. She absolutely loves him!

Always smiling! She has her moments, of course, but generally she is pleasant and fun to be around. We were in Italy when we took this picture. She also gets such a nice tan. She takes after my dad.

I just took a bunch of pictures on Friday of our kids to try and capture what I would consider their school pictures. We homeschool and, so in the past, I've taken them to JC Penneys. They don't have them here and I love trying to capture my own now anyway. Mel's in 3rd grade now. 

She loves to ride in circles in our driveway while removing one hand off the bars because she can and it looks cool, too. 

Melanie is a true joy and looks up to Braaten, her older sister. They are best friends and sometimes I don't think they even know that. Everything Braaten does, Mel wants to do just because she wants to be just like her. They spend tons of time together playing with their Polly's, their American Girl Dolls, scrapbooking, playing Webkinz and a host of other things. 

Hopefully sooner, rather than later, I'll tell you about our twin boys, Grant and Cooper. My friend, Annette, likes to call them Cary and Gary as in Cary Grant and Gary Cooper. She cracks me up thinking of that. That certainly isn't where we got their names. 

Be Blessed and thanks for taking the time to check in on us.  

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Pam said...

She is beautiful!! You never posted that the dog got there!! I assume he did!!

People wonder if we are star wars fans, becuase we have a Leah (not with a long "A") and Lucas (not Luke)... never even crossed our minds when we were naming them!! LOL!!