Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fletch Has Arrived!

I can't believe that after posting a few times on our countdown to the arrival of our dog, Fletch, that I forgot to post when he actually got here! Anyway, the wait is over. Here is the delivery van that contained a huge kennel with Fletch in it, but there was also a small dog that would be arriving to his or her rightful owner in Scotland the next day. That would be a cool job... delivering pets to long awaiting families. Oh, the joy that comes with it would be fulfilling. 

Fletch's travels consisted of van rides, kennels, a plane, more van rides, and then finally seeing us again. He was tired, a little confused, but in the end happy to be here. 

I had to get a shot of everyone with him after he looked around to get to know his new surroundings. 

This is what happens in a house with 5 kids who missed their dog terribly. They spoil him!

He must be thinking..."another picture, come on I'm tired". 

He rests comfortably with the monkey he had in Michigan. He misses his doggy friend, Sara. I think Sara is getting another little puppy Golden Retriever very soon. Her owners went to see one the day after Fletch left. 

We took Fletch to the dam to show him around. Boy did he want the squirrels and ducks he was seeing. 

Fletch brings so much joy to us. 


Pam said...

So glad he is back with his family!!! YEAH!!!!

Kimberly said...

HOORAY on the arrival of Fletch! I know your sweeties are so thrilled to have him back!

I am praying for you today! :)
Love and prayers,