Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cooking - Pernil for the first time

Recently I have had a desire to cook some of the dishes that my friends' families make and I used to get to eat when I was growing up. Rice and beans, pernil, and fried plantains are the dishes of choice. Some of my closest friends in Hoboken, the town I'm from, are Puerto Rican. Let me tell you...they can cook.

Sometimes when I'd go over to Annette's, my friend for over 35 years, her mom would give me a plate of white rice. I was absolutely content with it even though it was just rice. It wasn't any old rice; it was Mami Elsa's rice. With a little but of salt it was perfect. And if she happened to have a pot of yellow rice and beans, I was in heaven.

My sister Cindy is amazing at cooking Spanish food. Why has it taken me this long to ask her how to teach me? Well there is no time like the present!

My hubby and I prepared the pork shoulder for marinating and Tuesday we'll cook it and see how it tastes. I made a pot of rice and beans for the first time and it was pretty good. It'll take some time for me to perfect it.


Darcie said...

Looks very interesting Carol. I don't know if I have eaten a lot of the kind of food. John and I like to try new things too. Hope it was yummy, and reminded you of days gone by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,

I don't remember ever having pernil, but you sent me on an internet search to see what it was. It looks tasty! I grew up on rice and beans. Rice is a favorite food of mine.

Hope :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Carol, for all the precious comments you left for me today.