Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Double Digits

Aren't birthdays fun!?

These fellas of mine, the twins, Grant & Cooper, my babies... they LOVE it when their birthday is fast approaching. The Christmas lights are up, cookies galore are being baked, shared, and eaten, the Amazon packages are coming in left and right, I'm trying to keep track of birthday versus Christmas gifts, cookie exchanges are taking place, ugly Christmas sweaters are being worn, and I'm about worn out!

Not these boys! The party is just getting started for them. You would think that a birthday on Christmas Eve would be a bummer, that you might feel slighted because Jesus' birthday is the next day and He is the One that this time of year, Christmas, is all about. Well it is, but Grant and Cooper are overjoyed and feel special to have been born on December 24th.

My little guys turned 10 this time around! Yes, double digits abound around here. And just to remind myself of this scary thought, in a mere 3 years, there will be teenagers everywhere! 5 of them. Gulp!

Braaten adores her little brothers. She has given them fun, and sometimes crazy, nicknames. They even have different aliases- aka Max and Joey. 

Our children are a gift and having 2 at the same time is unbelievably special.
When I was told I was having twins, because we were all clueless for the first 20 weeks, I was beside myself with disbelief, fear, giddiness, and joy. My poor hubby was home sick during the ultrasound so he received the news a tad later than me. The man's sickness just about disappeared in an instant when I told him. Twin news will do that to you.

Leading up to their birthday, Shawn baked cookies and helped them decorate them. It's one of our traditions. We bake loads of cookies and share them with friends and neighbors.

These were Christmas presents from their sisters. See? That's what happens. Birthday and Christmas photos get mixed up and while this is a birthday post, Christmas will inevitably be in the mix. I'll tell you this much, though. This mama will NEVER wrap their birthday presents in Christmas wrap. People have shared with me how important it is to keep the two separate. I respect that and abide by it.

 Happy 10th birthday, Grant and Cooper. When God brought you into this world, he added two little gentlemen to the Busse mix. You bless us each and every day. I love you!!


Penny said...

Sweet!! Happy birthday to your boys!

fullertribe said...

Wow 10 already!!!! Love your post and that you are able to always make their day so special.

Joyce said...

Happy birthday to your boys! My sisters birthday is the day after Christmas so we always work to make it special.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, happy family...Happy Birthday to your twins!