Monday, April 11, 2011

talk of the town

There were different reasons for spending spring break in NJ~

*to spend time with our friend Barb who is grieving the loss of her husband
*to see my family
*to spend time with our friends
*to visit the Cake Boss
*to go to New York City even if only for a few hours
*to eat some great food
*to take a walk down memory lane and show the kids a bit of their roots and mine

We did all of those things in 4 days and we had a blast!

I seldom went to Helmer's, but it was a place my mother loved. It's a German restaurant on the corner of 11th & Washington Streets in Hoboken. Her favorite meal to eat was the open steak sandwich with mashed potatoes. I'm pretty sure her favorite rubbed off on all of us because that's what we each ordered when we had the opportunity to go there.

This was once a bank now turned Walgreens!
I found that interesting so I snapped a photo.

One of our favorite places to eat is Benny Tudinos Italian Restaurant.
They have ginormous pizza slices that are delicious.

That's Huge!

And look at those slices. 

My alma mater

I can't tell the tales to my children of how long and difficult the road to school was. It was a half a block away! 

And if you visit Hoboken, you should definitely buy some homemade mozzarella with ham and salami to go with it. They make the best Italian sandwiches.
Fiore's has been around since 1913.

Shawn and I went to Boulevard East in West New York where there is a fantastic place to see the NY skyline. Hoboken has a great view as well, but we happened to be in this area at the time.

I love New York!


Joyce said...

How fun to see all these places...I'm taking notes for my next trip there. So sorry I didn't get in but it sounds like you all were super busy. I ended up not traveling because the tiler and plumber picked this week to work on our shower remodel so I've been pretty housebound. We're wrapping up today (I think) for a couple of weeks...then the shower doors arrive and we'll truly be done! Glad you had such a great trip-I love NY too!

Andrea said...

Beautiful journey!

Blessings and prayers,

Darcie said...

Enjoying your walk down Memory Lane!

Penny said...

That may have been the biggest pizza slice I've ever seen! And it looked delicious too!!