Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Cake Boss

My hometown happens to be that of the Cake Boss
a.ka. Carlo's Bakery.
It's Hoboken- where the first-ever game of baseball was played and where Frank Sinatra was born.
My mom & dad raised all of us, Denise, April, Cindy, Bobby, Tracey, Jimmy, and I there. We lived in an apartment building in different parts of our one-square mile town and I think that since I have been away for some time, I appreciate going home all the more. It's a great place; one that I am proud of. Not because Buddy has his bakery there, but because it's where my parents worked hard to raise us to be loving, responsible, helpful, caring people. 

We just took a mini spring break trip to see our friend, Barb, who recently lost here husband of 32 years, my family, and to check out what's happening at the now-famous bake shop.

My kids have been living in Michigan for most of their lives and Hoboken is that place their mom reminisces about and the place that connects them to family. Their cousins and aunts and uncles are there and they love going to see them.
It's only recently that they have tuned into the show where they have come to know and love the characters. They couldn't wait to step into the bakery and experience what they see on t.v. 
So here's our trip in photos.

The line is long usually and it took us about an hour and a half to get in.

The City Hall is directly across the street and it's where I worked throughout high school during my summer breaks.

These clocks were put in about 15 years ago. I love how they make the town so quaint.

My hubby spotted the Carlo's van and went around back to get a few pictures.

They were waiting to see if anyone would come out of the door where they usually exit with cakes to load in the van. They never did. 

Braaten saw several of the family members while looking in the window.

While in line for any length of time, you get to know the folks around you. You find out that they come from all over. The fellow behind us was from Atlanta. He was with his wife and 2 children and offered to snap a photo.

While we were stepping in and out of line to take pictures or to peek in the window, a gentleman touched my husband's arm and started talking to him. He happens to work with him in Battle Creek. Huh? You're all the way here from home, too? Small world.

Random photo of Washington Street caddy corner to the bakery.

I remember passing this store countless time while I was growing up. I love how vintage it looks.

As we were standing in the bakery, number in hand, we heard the cashier ask a patron what her zip code was for the credit card she was using. Yes, you have to wait again once you enter! She said it and we couldn't believe our ears. It was our exact zip code. No joke! 
A lady and her daughter were visiting from Michigan, too. Three families in that crazy line were from our town. What are the chances? 

Buddy's sister, Lisa, was so sweet and friendly.

His mom came out momentarily and everyone cheered.

Braaten was so happy to have her picture taken with Lisa.

As we were paying dearly for our baked goods, Buddy came down the stairs. Everyone cheered again with the hopes that he would come out and talk to us. He did and he was graciously thanking us for coming.

What a fun day we had as a family.


Darcie said...


There is something about taking your kids back to your roots. I know it does as much for them to hear stories and see where you were born and raised, and it does something for you to share it with them. Looks like you had a grand time!!!

Expats Again said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. Your hometown is unique and your children will always remember their trip there. Seeing the Cake Boss was icing on the cake!

Kat said...

I must admit... if I had to wait an hour and a half, I'd go home and make it myself. But it sure looks as if you made a fun time of your wait in line.