Thursday, December 31, 2009

"52 Weeks"~~~~19/52 Photos of Me

"52 Weeks" is a weekly blog carnival that Carin over at "Forever in Blue Jeans" hosts. It's a challenge for us moms to finally get in the picture instead of being the ones that are always taking them. It's been great fun and I appreciate Carin for starting it.

Several weeks ago, Shawn and I took the kids to Munich to check out the Christmas markets, and, more importantly, to see Germany. Shawn is 100% German and I have some German in me as well. Since we're talking about nationalities, I'm also French, Scottish, English, Norwegian and Irish. I know, I'm a mutt. Doesn't that sound bad? That's what people always say when I tell them all of these various nationalities that make me who I am.

We were walking around and buying little things from the market especially little Christmas presents from the kids to each other.

We went to a little town in Germany called Mittenwald that was so quaint and beautiful. Do you see the mountains in the background? It was just beautiful to be there with the snow-covered mountains and charming storefronts. My husband found the cuckoo clock he had intended to buy while visiting. We really look forward to hanging it up when we return to Michigan.

I was sitting in the apartment, kicking back, and relaxing.

This final photo was taken in another town called Rattenberg in Austria. Each year they host a wonderful Advent celebration in their village and people from all around in neighboring towns travel to go there. We were blessed because our apartment was only a 15 minute drive from it. But boy was it cold outside!

I plan on doing a series of posts about our German & Austrian adventures after the New Year. So stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.


Carin said...

So many great pictures but I sure love that first one! Sounds like such fun times. Can't wait to hear more.

You could really go either way for Thursdays. Finish it up with the original button or start the new year fresh, either way. You already have the important part down... being in the picture =)

Tara Steffen Fotos said...

SO...who made your slippers? They look like the ones Rog's grandma used to make us!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. I would love to visit Germany and see where my ancestors came from. Probably won't ever happen though. :(

Darcie said...

I know I have said it before, but it bears saying and your husband are the cutest couple! Can't wait to see your post coming's like I never have to leave home and I get to travel all over Europe. Thanks for taking us along Carol!

He & Me + 3 said...

What awesome adventures. How fun for the kids. Great pictures. That first one needs to be in a frame for sure.
Happy New Year! love the slippers.

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I loved Germany at Christmas time! I think we visited Mittenberg--although I could be mixed up. I lived in Giessen for 6 months and we toured around a lot!

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