Sunday, March 25, 2012


Honestly, I don't know where the time goes sometimes. I've thought several times about sitting down and writing, but when I do the amount of time I have before I have to either:

a. pick austin up at the high school
b. adjust one of my beloved patients
c. make lunch
d. make a pot of coffee
e. fold a load of laundry, or
f.  fill in the blank

is very limited.


My bum leg is still, well, bum. Why yes, yes it is. It's been quite a process. And since I like lists tonight. Here are the things I have been doing to make my shin splints go away... far, far away.

a. ice
b. massage (4 different times I might add)
c. Biofreeze
d. self-massage at any given moment (in the car, while at church, at the doctors, at lunch with  my girlfriend- um, you get the idea)
e. new shoes
f. compression socks (expensive!)
g. Motrin
h. a rolling stick (to massage in just a little different way)
h. Epsom salt bath (I bought the salt and haven't taken the bath yet) See first list to understand why. 

The test I perform to see how the leg is faring: I hop on it and if the bruised feeling acts up, it's still not healed. I hopped today and it felt bruised. Pooh!! 

My last post was a bit of a downer. This leg injury has taken a lot longer than I ever thought it would. Shin splints are new to me as a person, a chiropractor, a runner... it is teaching me a lot. One of the most valuable things God is showing me is to rely on Him, and Him alone, not running. Wow! That is the word I keep seeing in my head. It most certainly is teaching me patience. Have I ever told you that I am an impatient person? Some of you that know me well have figured that out long ago. I have prayed about that for years. If it takes discomfort in my lower left leg to get my attention, to move me a little closer in that direction, then by all means, I will sit still and listen. Thank you, Jesus. Our God is a creative God and I praise Him for it.

So that's where I'm at these days. I'm treating, learning, listening, sitting, waiting, praying, encouraging, praising, and all because I cannot run.

More Updates:

We're going on spring break starting Thursday. Yay us!! 
Our first stop is: 
a. Louisville, Kentucky
b. Nashville, Tennessee
and last but not least
c. Edisto Island, South Carolina
(and whilst we are in SC, we'll head to d. Charleston and e. Savannah)

About 2 weeks after that lovely vacation my hubby is taking me to 
Hilton Head, SC for a 3 night stay on a business trip. Thankfully he doesn't have to work much so we'll have lots of free time together. Excited!!

We had a 2nd dog for exactly 3 days and couldn't handle all the stress that having a second dog brought to our family, even though she was a beautiful 3 year old Golden Retriever, so we gave her to the 2nd family that really wanted her.

And one final update:
One of our cats just had 4 kittens.

That's what's going on in my neck of the woods. How about yours?


Hope said...

Hello Carol,

Well, I see that you are making the best of your troubles. I have been wondering how you are doing and am happy to see that you are finding the good in it all while waiting on God to finish your healing.

A spring break trip…how much fun! And then, a three day mini vacation with your husband – it is wonderful…I am thrilled for you.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Darcie said...

Bummer about that bum leg. It will get better, but shin splints are very painful.

YAY about Spring Break, so glad you have that to look forward to, and then a little get-away with the honey...doesn't get better then that!

Joyce said...

Edisto! I love the peace and quiet there. My parents owned a time share on Edisto so I've been there several times. Have fun!