Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a little advice

I was just taking a moment, or two, or 284 to read a few blogs. 
I stayed awhile at the Pioneer Woman and if you know her, you understand. She is quite an amazing woman with an ability to capture life through photography like no other, she cooks great food albeit fattening most of the time, and she loves her husband and family more than anything. I was reading her thoughts on tips about blogging and one of them was, "Blog often" even if you don't know what to talk about. 

That's been my problem lately, but I thought I'd get on here after her encouragement and just write. It helps that I have recently been reading her newly written love story, "High Heels to Tractor Wheels." If you love a good love story then this is the book for you. I got sucked in big time, and I am reading it every chance I get. I'm a romantic, I adore my husband, and reading their story makes me appreciate my groom even more. If you get a chance, read it and then...

let me know what you think. 


Darcie said...

I totally get the "blogging often", theory. That's actually why I blogged today as well. It's been awhile, and I want to get my thoughts out, and remember this time.

One other reason it's good to blog often? Cause we LOVE to hear from you. ;-)

Joyce said...

I blog often...some days its a stretch but if I go too long between posts I feel like its hard to dive back in to the middle of my life.

Haven't read the book yet but I did read what she had on her blog originally.

I register for the mixers every time she has a giveaway...I have one but am determined to win at least one for my baking daughters : )

I might go to see the girls the first week in April which is why I haven't responded officially to the email conversation we had a while back...I'll let you know soon.

Jules said...

I just read it a couple weeks ago. I couldn't put it down and I loved it. She needs to write a sequel.

Denise said...

I just finished her book... LOVED it, and I love her websites too. I have her cookbook too and started cooking my way through it, but then I gained 10lb LOL and am now on WW!!
Re: the advice? not sure why she says to blog often if you have nothing to say? Is it just because 'your audience' is expecting a post? If you see my latest post you'll understand why I'm wondering ;-)

Andrea said...

I have not blogged as much as I would like to lately, but I am doing as much as I can. I am sorry I have not gotten by here as much. I hope you will forgive me.