Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Trio

Meet Ying,


and Lilly.

The newest members of our family.

We went to Indiana for our niece's wedding and came home with 3 kittens from 3 different litters that came from 3 different family members. Ying was found on a boat by my brother-in-law, Scott. Poor thing was so scraggly looking, not Scott, the kitten, especially because his dog (Scott's) was licking her to clean her up. Molly came from my sister-in-law, Kris, mother of the Bride, and Lilly is from my mother-in-law's (sweet mom of my wonderful hubby) farm.

We saw a beautiful wedding (Brittany & Richie) and now have an even bigger (9, count 'em) family. Our precious 5 (See side bar for their photos) couldn't be any happier.

And since we (my hubs and I) have new carpets and everything, they are outdoor kitties.

The End


Diana said...

Outdoor kitties are a great idea! I'm allergic to them so that would work for us, too.

Andrea said...

Love your new furry kids. They are adorable!

Jules said...

So glad you took them and gave them a home. Ours are outside too, my hubs is super allergic.

Denise said...

I'm allergic to cats now otherwise I think I'd have a dozen of them. I hope your kitties fare well outside, they do look a little worse for wear poor guys.

chili pepper said...

So sweet. I miss having an indoor cat, as asthma and allergies banished ours to the outdoors years ago. Dogs are great, but nothing melts my heart like a good lap cat.

Heart2Heart said...


I am so thrilled that you have added three more additions to your household. It will definitely keep the critters away!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Cheryl said...

what a fantastic story! I love animals and I'm one for saving strays and finding them a home:) Thanks so much for caring enough to take them into your lives.