Thursday, July 15, 2010

heading east

Our family is heading to D.C. tomorrow for a whirlwind tour. We have been wanting to take the kids there for awhile and now is our chance. Just a side note here... because of the nature of how hectic life has been, is it weird that I would rather stay put right here and vacation in our own home? Can I get an amen to that? Seriously, I am soooooo tired.

Since we deplaned from England in Chicago several short months ago, it has been one event, one project, or one broken appliance after another. Whew! I'm tired.

So my hubs and I sat on the couch a couple of nights ago to determine whether or not we really should go. We concluded that the places and people we are going to see are important. We also wondered when we would get around to doing it in the future. Family vacations will not always happen and since the kids are growing up so quickly, we have limited opportunities. We want to take advantage of the time we have together now.

After D.C., we'll be driving to Baltimore to the Inner Harbor. We have some friends there that we will be seeing. The next stop after Baltimore is New Jersey. My home state. We'll be there for a quick 3 days and then it's back home again. We just might be driving in the direction of Niagara Falls, on our way back, which is a sight to behold.

Things to do on our agenda during this week long adventure are as follows:

The monuments lit up at night
Walk around in Georgetown & have dinner
Arlington Cemetery
The Smithsonian
The White House
The Capitol
Lots of walking hand-in-hand
The Inner Harbor
A water taxi
Maryland crab legs
Great conversations
Giddy girls
Coffee Talk
The Jersey Shore
Kid hugs
An Italian Feast in Hoboken
Cuban or Puerto Rican Food. They're both delicious!
Life long friendships reunited
Walking on Washington Street
Eating a slice of Benny Tudino's Pizza. What! That slice is giant!!
We want to go crabbing, but there's just not enough time
Ice Cream Cones
Lots of photos!
Giant Italian subs from Lisa's deli or Biano Mono's
A Lobster Tail at Georgio's Bakery, it's cake, not seafood
Visiting the cemetery to see my mom and dad
Seeing the New York skyline
and that's only the beginning of the list!

We'll miss our pool, our friends, our little kitties, our new chickens and the fresh eggs they lay, our comfy home, and so much more!!

Thanks for hanging with me through this busy summer in which I post very little.

Be Blessed!


Kim... and Her Coffee said...

Travel safe, have a great time, and enjoy making lots of sweet memories!

Joyce said...

So close, yet so far...sounds like you will be super busy while in NJ...if you have free time send me an email....I'm home next week.

Have fun in D.C....I love it...Annapolis too. well, Annapolis especially : ) I'm jealous of your crab feast!

Darcie said...

You can get an amen here! I totally understand how sometimes you just want to STOP. However I am sure once all your packing is done and you are on the will be so glad you went.

Enjoy your vacation!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that you all have a wonderful time and that you are able to relax and enjoy it all.

Diana said...

Went there in March with our kiddos. We loved it and had a great time.

Diana said...

Went there in March with our kiddos. We loved it and had a great time.

fullertribe said...

You guys will have a blast in D.C. We have taken our kids there 3times now and it's still one of their favorite places to go. We were suppose to have gone back in June but it didn't work out. Safe travel.

McCrakensx4 said...

Sounds like a fun time! DC is one of my fav places to visit. Hope you have safe travels.

Denise said...

You guys will have a blast, Baltimore was my first home in the US ;) Well we lived just outside of it, but we visited the harbor and the aquarium many times.. and DC. I love the East coast.
See you when you get back.

Miti said...

Sounds like a great time!!! Being that it's the capital of our great country, I think D.C. is always a must see place if you've never been. I've been a few times. It might sound silly but I'd love to go to Baltimore just so I can visit Duff @ Charm City Cakes.

Having a pool would be awesome! If I had one, I wouldn't mind doing a little staycation. But, I agree that seeing new places is a great choice too.

Hope you stay tuned to my Thumbs Up Thursdays. We'll see how it goes.

Take care and hope you get back home safe and sound :o)