Monday, May 17, 2010

fun-filled day

Birthdays are special here.
We celebrated Shawn's birthday on Friday and had a day filled with fun planned.

Grant, Cooper, and Melanie decorated the kitchen and Shawn's chair.

All 5 kids made a special birthday card which I think is the best part of a birthday.
They are really creative and the things they say are sweet and special.

Braaten made scrambled eggs with cheese and Shawn made "dippin' eggs" for the men of the family. Mel prefers an egg with a broken yolk, nice and flat, splashed with a little bit of ketchup.

After awhile, we went to the batting cages to hit a few balls.

Braaten did really well.

Austin's a natural.

Me? Not so much.

We went to the local nursery to buy flowers for the new house. We pulled up to this little lady screaming at us.

What an interesting place to make a nest. I guess Kill Deer do that. They make nests on the ground and when you approach them they run in a direction away from their nest so that you will follow them and leave their precious little eggs alone.

Braaten made this delightful treat. Good for you? No way. Delicious?? Oh yeah!
It was ice cream sandwiches in a layer separated by Cool-W*ip, topped with Butterf**ger pieces.
Try it. You might like it.

Can the portion size be any bigger? Melanie wishes it was.

Told ya.

Happy Birthday, Honey. You're the best.


Diana said...

Love all the photos! That was a great day filled with birthday fun for all...

Andrea said...

Awesome pictures. Happy Birthday, Shawn!
Blessings and prayers,

Joyce said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday to your hubs...I'm curious what his shirt says... I can read Blessed Nation but it looks like there is more. Haven't seen that one.

The dessert sounds youngest is an ice cream sandwich fanatic so I will for sure pass this on to her. Hopefully she'll give me a bite too : )

Darcie said... lost me at that dessert. Now think...what was I going to say??? Oh, that's right...Happy Birthday Shawn!!! Looked like a wonderful day with the family, and topped off with that could it not be perfect? YUMMY!!!

Rachel said...

What a fun day! That dessert looks amazing!!

Heart2Heart said...


I loved all these precious pictures with you and the family celebrating the life of Shawn! This is one truly loved man by so many. Thank you for sharing the love with all of us and please pass along, many birthday blessings to Shawn!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Shawn! Looks like you had a wonderful Day :) That dessert looked amazing!

Carol, I had to laugh when I saw you wore flip flops to the batting cage! I'm sure if you would have been wearing come spiky shoes you could have competed with the best of them!!

Happy Spring!

fullertribe said...

I hope to get my blog updated with some new pictures that I took this weekend. My dad took us to play Mini Golf and a Kill Deer had layed her eggs in the middle of the 18th hole of the golf course. She was SO upset with us by the time we finished that hole! I love birthdays and the different ways people celebrate them! We just took Shenira to South Haven on Sunday to celebrate here with just the 7 of us and will have a party for her on Friday.

steffenboysmom said...

I'm so happy for you that you have such a great guy to celebrate! I know the feeling! Birthdays are very special!