Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Before & After Projects

Just a quick post of a couple of things I have recently worked on in the midst of try to settle in.

I made these planters for my tea that was last Saturday.



I took photos of everyone's tables, so if you are interested, I'll do a post on the entire tea.

I bought this print in England and it had a medium oak stain. I painted it one of my favorite colors and then distressed it.


This is the bathroom on the main floor.

I had fun with these projects. I've been reading a lot of painting & decorating blogs and now I want to paint EVERYTHING!


Diana said...

Great job! Wanna come over to my house?

He & Me + 3 said...

It looks great. I love to paint too. Makes everything look so fresh and new.

Darcie said...

Spring is such a fun time to do little projects! Love your planters and frame...both were so beautiful!

Heart2Heart said...


I absolutely love your adorable painted pots. Funny thing was I noticed how many picture frames I have that are all mismatched and I was just telling Steve I wanted to paint them. See great minds think alike!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Joyce said...

ooh, love the pots! Those are adorable!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Wow! They look beautiful!! What a little crafter you are!! You are truly talented!!

Jenglamgirl said...

HI Carol~ I love the pots you painted, as well as the distressed painted frame. All of turned out great. It so fun to re-do stuff.

I appreciate your comment on my blogging/followers post... I totally agree with you on the advertising ad end... and Funny enough I got my first sponser/ad SHRIEK.... and as a SAHM and one who needs more money, even with my hubs talking about me going back to work, and it kills me at the thought. I went ahead and ok'd an ad. It's not going to pay much at all, but my hubs and I agreed its something.. something is better then nothing. I have however been one of the ones who doesn't frequent blogs I used to because they have 3 plus ads and like you said it turns me off... somewhere somehow I have realized that these are moms too, trying to earn some money, and I am sure like me, they STILL love blogging. Anyway, Its certainly a great tool to keep loved ones updated. Hugs, Jenn

Denise said...

Your pots turned out very pretty, and I love how the picture looks in your bathroom. Great job :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Love it! Those pots are amazing! And great job on the frame...it looks great!