Monday, April 12, 2010

too much going on

Have you ever had so much going on that you don't even know what to write or where to begin? That's kind of where I'm at which is why I haven't attempted it over the past few days. That and trying to live with about a quarter of our stuff which makes living in this state a little more challenging.

So here's the latest update on Busse happenings...

~We moved into the house last Monday after a 3 week stay at a local hotel WITH a swimming pool. Whew! Actually, we are blessed and thankful that it worked out as well as it did.

~On that same day our rental furniture was delivered which consisted of beds, dressers, night stands, lamps, linens, kitchen stuff, etc. Shawn's company provides this because our sea container that is to arrive here could take up to 6 to 8 weeks. Just days after the rental guys set everything up, we found out that our sea shipment will be here this Thursday and Friday. Now I know that sounds very exciting, but at the very same time, it's overwhelming to say the least. Afterall, we were able to fill an extra large container with all of our earthly possessions and it fit (just barely) inside an 18 wheeler basically. Who wants to put away all that stuff? Moi?? No! OK, yes, I want to be all settled and everything, but it's a daunting, exhausting task. I am ever so thankful that I have a hardworking hubby that likes organization and also likes to have all of us feeling settled and happy, and he will do anything to make that happen. So that makes all of this much more doable. Thanks Honey!

~Tomorrow those rental guys get to come back just 8 days later and tear down all the beds, drag out all the dressers, and collect all the nifty little things for the kitchen. And guess what we get to do?

~Move back into a hotel for 2 more days since we will have nothing to sleep on and no coffee maker. Just kidding. My coffee came in the storage shipment that arrived 2 weeks ago. Are you following me here? It's a lot. Oh, and it's a different hotel and I don't know if there's a pool.

~I took my boy, Austin, the 14 year old to the eye doctor today. After dealing with impaired vision for months, he finally let us know that he was struggling to see things at a distance. He's nearsighted and will be getting glasses in about a week. He's really excited about seeing things they way he once did. Like mother, like son. I started wearing glasses when I was in college.

~Said boy started baseball practice tonight for the team he used to play on. I think he felt great being a part of the team again. The others have been enjoying the AWANA program at our church.

~I had the nerve to sign up for a Ladies Tea at church which entails me decorating a table for 8 with my own stuff and inviting 7 women to join me. Did I fail to remember the chaotic state my home is currently in or do you think the new tea set my husband bought me for Christmas begs to be shared? I'm a sucker for a nice tea. And just for the record I never went to a proper tea while living in England. Not once. The English love a good cup of Tetley or Yorkshire, or Morrison's for that matter with milk and maybe sugar, and I enjoyed countless cups of that.

~I need to get to bed, but I had to write, and share, and ramble on about any number of things because I have missed doing so. More than that, I've missed you.

Good night Dear Ones.


Diana said...

Great to hear from you! So glad you are safe and settling back in here.

Bummer on all the chaos but oh it will be awesome when you can relax and just enjoy!

Sounds like that swimming pool might just have been a life saver!

Pam said...

I've missed you too!! I am about to write a post that could have the exact same title!!!!! :) I wish I could come to your tea! :)

Joyce said...

I say just plow ahead on the's good to write something and just keep going. You'll probably add bits and pieces in your posts for the next 9 months maybe longer...I'll let you know when I stop : )

Good for you getting out there for the tea. It's good to do something besides move. I don't envy you the boxes. I've still got a few to deal with...mostly the girls stuff and they haven't been here long enough to figure it out. yay for basements!

So glad you are back!

fullertribe said...

We have missed you too! Sorry we missed each other Saturday. I hope you got your things okay. Gabe is very excited to see Cooper & Grant again so once things quite down a little lets us know. For that matter I'm a great box unpacker if you need help!

Darcie said...

So, so, so glad to see an update from you! I thought often of coming over here and bugging you, but I knew you would post when time allowed.

Wow, can you say busy...or do you even have time to say busy. ;-) It will be great to get all your stuff a little earlier and get all settled in before summer comes. If I was closer I would come help you unpack!

Once again...thanks for the updates my dear!

Heart2Heart said...


So glad that you are in the slow process of getting settled and once it all gets to your physical property and you can begin putting it away life will come back to a new sense of normal. Missing you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rachel said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday!! It's good to hear that you are moved and all okay, albeit not settled!! Welcome back to the states!

chili pepper said...


IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!!!! I have missed you so much. I think about you ever time I stop by blog world and sometimes in between and wonder how it is all going. Thanks for updating us. It was fun to hear your news. By the way love your new header picture. And I love to serve a proper tea, also. We do several a year with our lady friends, but the kids often will make a tea for all of us to enjoy for no special reason. And let's change subjects, again. My hubby and I and our two oldest girls had to get glasses by the third grade. We are all blind as bats. We were sure that all our kids would end up with glasses and then Emma came along with better than 20/20. Go figure.

Love you, pal. Glad you're back.


steffenboysmom said...

Glad to see you posting again. I can't imagine unpacking Twice! Ugh.

Yes, glasses. They are nice to see with, not so nice when 6 out of 8 of us need them.I am thankful that we have eye docs and glasses though.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so glad that you are here. Woo hoo. Sounds so busy but good. I hope that you get settled soon and that it is easy for everyone.

Corine said...

That new picture in your header is so so adorable!

I know the feeling of too much going on in your life to write about.

God bless.