Thursday, September 03, 2009

8/52 ~ 52 Weeks

A couple of months ago I decided to join Carin over at Forever in Blue Jeans in her year- long meme titled "52 Weeks". The challenge is to be in at least one picture per week since moms are the ones usually taking the pictures. Join in on the fun and give it a try.


It seems like we have either been traveling or hosting friends and family, which means lots of sightseeing and, in turn, hundreds of pictures.

Join me as I share a few places, faces, as God has shown us His good graces.

My cousin, Cherie, came in from Dallas, Texas a couple of weeks ago. She stayed for 3 nights and we saw lots of neat stuff. We were at the Chatsworth House in the Peak District in England. My, my, my, what a grand estate!

Quite literally one day after Cherie left, my niece, Allie, arrived from New Jersey. She came with my friend Mayra, and Mayra's daughter, Ava. They stayed a week and we were able to kick back and relax a little in addition to doing more sightseeing. The funny thing is we seem to end up taking different people to the same places. That means the kids are getting a little tired of going along for the ride. But hey, you only live in England once, right?!

You might hear one of our kids ask, "Are we going to Llangollen again?" Our reply, "Yep, it's beautiful there. You guys like it, right?" Hopefully their are no eyes rolling in the backseat since we teach and train against such things, but there just might be. Like I always say, "If I can't see you, the Lord can." It's true though.

With our back to back company, we visited a place called Beeston Castle twice in a mere 4 days. That place is amazing! Do you see that view behind me? Just picture that 360 degrees around my little pup and I. Gorgeous! OK, so he's not little and is also not a pup.

We also did that whole repeat visit thing in a town called Chester. It has a medieval wall built around the city for two miles. It's still standing and is in great condition. The Brits really know how to preserve their history. The town is really quaint, too. So if you come and see us, guess where we're going? :-) My friend, Mayra, is right next to Austin, who is wearing the white jacket. I look a little bundled up for August, don'tcha think? I think I overdid it, but it was windy that day.

And last, but not least... Ava with us along the wall in Chester.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Under the Florida Sun said...

What beautiful pictures.
And that view.. WOW!!! When I think of England I always think rain and tons of old buildings. These pictures make we want to come visit :-)

Joyce said...

Gorgeous pictures...makes me so homesick for the beautiful English countryside.

When my neice came to visit we were debating whether or not to spend the money and go to Paris for the day. My husband said, "we should take her, how many times do you get to go to Paris?" to which my then 14 year old piped up and said, "Well, this will be my third trip this year.'

Sometimes they just cannot help that eye
rolling : )

Gotta Have Faith said...

I am soooo Jealous! I wish that my family would be able to vacation over in England, but I don't see that happening anytime soon! Well that is a blessing that you have been able to see family and old friends.

Take Care and loved the pictures!


Heart2Heart said...

Is there any place in England that doesn't look this amazing and beautiful???

Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful and memorable pictures with us Carol!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

McCrakensx4 said...

What great pictures! I would love to visit...I have only been there once and that was just at the airport on my way to Paris!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the scenery too. Gorgeous. Lots of visitors...How cool.

Robyn said...

Beautiful pictures, love the view and great to have visitors like that.

Carin said...

What incedible scenery. You pictures were all so beautiful. I really enjoyed your quote that if you can't see the kids, the Lord can.

Kim said...

Great pictures! I just posted for the 1st time with Carin's challenge. I am glad there are other fairly new joiner out there too!

chili pepper said...

Great shots, Carol. I love seeing your family together. They remind me a lot of mine. And you always look so put together. What a fun time you have had seeing friends and family this summer. Either you will need the restful fall or will be lonesome now that fall is here, eh?

Rachel said...

Those are awesome pictures!! I love the one of you and the look gorgeous and the background is breathtaking!! And sure, the dog is cute too... ;)

LisaShaw said...

Such beautiful family photos and memories created.

Praise the Lord!

Love and blessings.