Saturday, August 11, 2012

I refuse!

I just can't see myself ever wearing these puppies. My son's friend owns a pair and they just happen to fit me. My curiosity got the best of me so I tried them on. I'm sticking to my guns on this one.

Of course...I made the same "vow" when it came to Crocs and I eventually caved and bought a Maryjane type several years ago.

I guess time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Those are crazy! I cannot imagine finding those comfortable.

:) Hope

Penny said...

I'm very curious about them! I wore toe socks in high school (I was also a nerd, but that probably doesn't shock anyone, lol), and I hear that minimalist running is "in" now, but I don't have the courage to buy them, lol.

Beth said...

I love them!! They are very comfortable to wear!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
How is life? I've started to wrote on bij weblog again today, and while browsing through some of my own post, i found comments of you on some of them. Just reminder me of good times in Lymm.
Wanted to let you know that i was thinking of you and your wonderful family! Love Corine

Kat said...


I have to tell you... I spent a lot of time doing research into new running shoes before heading out to the store a few weeks ago. These shoes are supposed to be the very best for running. I seriously can not imagine wearing them. A few years ago the kids got me a pair of socks with toes in them and I wore them for about two minutes. I can even stand flip flops. So, I chose another pair of shoes. On the way into town to make my purchase, I opened my phone and was scanning blog posts and what do I see but that very day you put up this post. Ha! I can't stand trying to leave a comment on my phone but I had to tell you your timing was perfect. Hope all is well with your gang. I am sure you are getting underway with school and busy fall activities.