Monday, May 21, 2012

a travelin'...

Shawn's heading out to Mexico for a few days. I like it when he's home. I don't love it when he finds out so last minute and subsequently I do, too. He's at work today, gets to play some ball tonight with the softball team at church. It's one of the things he loves to do. I'm glad he doesn't have to miss it in order to travel today. He'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning and will get home Thursday afternoon. Overall it's not too long, but I love it when we're together.

Go black & gold!

Happy Monday. 


Joyce said...

I do understand a traveling husband : ) Hope you're all doing well. I didn't know you'd lived in Andover long ago...we have a lot of connections!

Hope said...

How good it is to have a great husband.

It is fun to see you posting.
Love your blog!