Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fun Family Traditions at Easter

We got home from our trip at 4 in the morning Saturday. 
We were just in time for a weekend of some Easter fun and settling back in before the beginning of a new week.

Bye-bye Paas, hello McCormick neon food coloring!
Our eggs turned out beautifully. 

The kids were having a lot of fun experimenting with all the new colors.

After going to church at the early service, we came home and hid the eggs.

You're never too old to hunt those eggs, either. Austin made sure to ask us not to put it on Faceb*ok, but he failed to mention my blog. :)
He scaled the front porch railing in search of the most eggs. Actually we put a cap on them (3 real, 10 small plastic, and 1 large plastic).

Good find, Grant.

I think you found one, Cooper.

We were all gathered around trying to figure out if anyone was missing any of their eggs.

Braaten said she likes searching around the pool.

It looks like Melanie had a similar idea.

It was time to see what was in the eggs. Each of the big eggs had some cash in it for fun. One of them had the biggest amount we've ever put in. The only problem with that is the other 4 children that did not get the prized egg felt badly. They were really good sports actually.
The big winner was... Austin!

And at the end of all the fun, we enjoyed baked ham, cheesy potatoes, heavenly eggs, and some salad.

I hope your Easter was blessed.

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Hope said...

Hello Carol,

This is a fun post! Money in the eggs…now that is a good and clever idea; I should try it. Your eggs turned out beautifully! So sweet that all the children enjoy coloring and hunting for the eggs.

We only colored and hid real eggs. I completely forgot that my youngest asked me to get some plastic eggs and put candy in them. We have never made a habit of anything except the real kind. He would still be happy if I bought some and hid them sometime this week.

After hiding them for the children, he wanted me to let him hide some for me to go find. I let him hide five for me to find. I am not big on having to search for eggs, but he helped me by telling me when I was hot or cold…good thing, too, or I would have been out searching for them for a very long time. ☺

Your breakfast looks delicious. I plan to post a few photos of our breakfast and colored eggs later this week.

Happy Easter to you and your family!