Monday, May 23, 2011

Braaten has some really great friends. She has beautiful friends in England (Amy, Megan, Sophie, Zoe, Ellie, & Emelia). And Amy & Megan, who are sisters, are even coming to visit us this summer for 2 weeks. How awesome is that!

She has beautiful friendships here, too. When we moved back, she met Renae and their friendship began quickly. Now everyone thinks they look like twins. They have so much in common except for a quirky nickname. Pickle. Yep, that's what everyone calls Renae. hehe 

What a blessing to have friends of all kinds. Braaten has the privilege of having many (Claire M., Claire B., Hannah F., Hannah W., Nicole, Ellie, Sydney, Megan F., Megan H., and the list goes on and on.) 

Thank you girls for loving my girl.  


That camera girl said...

Love that Braaten girl! ;)

Darcie said...

She must take after her momma...easy to make friends with!!!

I am glad I can add YOUR name to the list of MY friends. :-) Thanks for your sweet comments today Carol!

That camera girl said...

I don't know if you get notified when I reply to you on my comments, I don't think you do. So I'll just repeat what I said on yours....I would love more info on the blog carnival thing :)

That camera girl said...

I have no idea what they are called. It was a long time ago. :/

Denise said...

They do look like sisters :) That's great that she has made such wonderful friends.
Hope all is well for you Carol. School is out tomorrow, I can't wait to have my baby girl home with me every day :)