Sunday, November 14, 2010

i love you more

I read a beautiful post by Darcie a few days ago. It was about her family and her children and how much she adores them. She talked about how "I love you" is said often throughout each and every day.

And it smacked me square in the eyes.

I adore my family, too. 
I do what I do because of the love I have for each precious person in my family.
I cook.
I clean.
I do countless loads of laundry.
I scrapbook to save and cherish the memories we are making for the future.
I blog so that I can share with you all the love that exists here.
I homeschool because it's an answer to the call upon our lives.
I run around to their sporting events so that they can get exercise and enjoyment out of being involved.
I shop so they can have all they need.
I pray for them asking God to protect them, and draw them to Him.
I spend time with them so they know how much I love them. Still, I could spend even more time.
I arrange sleepovers so that they have more time with friends.
I... I... I...
do all of this without saying "I love you" often enough.

I know it shows in all of my deeds, but my words will be more meaningful to them.

And so God uses people like Darcie to teach me new things.
I have been intentional about saying the "I love you's" that my children and husband long to hear.

And it blesses my heart.

You should see the smiles that light up on their faces when they haven't expected to hear it at that moment.

It's priceless.

 Thanks, Darcie, for your beautiful heart and the abundant love you have for your family. It is contagious and has spread to my home.


Debra from Bungalow said...

What a beautiful family you have!
Sometimes saying I love you does get overlooked but we all appreciate hearing it often.

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He & Me + 3 said...

I think saying I love you is so important too. I am conscious throughout the day to hug as well as tell them that I love them. Physical contact is so important to my kids.

chili pepper said...

Beautiful, Carol.

House Revivals said...

This is a sweet post -- an excellent reminder that our families need to be shown AND told how much we love them!

Darcie said...

Awww Carol! You are such a sweetie and a much beloved wife and mother. It shows in everything you do and I am glad my post spoke to you, as much as yours even did to me. There is much to DO as well to show just how much, "I LOVE" them all as well.