Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a musing about a meeting, winnings, and mittens, I mean kittens

We had to clear our Saturday schedule on Friday. Why you ask?

Because that's when we found out about my husband's 20th high school reunion that would be taking place the very next day. There was a bit of a mix-up with where to send our correspondence since we only moved back from England this past March.

Someone did not get that memo.

Didn't everyone know that we were coming back since it was one of the hugest deals in our lives?

I blogged, faceboo*ed about it, e-mailed the world, called people, skyped, and even snail-mailed to let people know that we were returning to our beloved land.


Apparently not.

No worries, though. We asked our friend, Sarah, to cover for us in the ministry we are starting to work in at church called, Next Level. It's for middle schoolers and it's basically their Sunday school, only it's on Saturday nights during our 1st service.

Boy do I digress.

I'm trying to get to the big news...

But wait, there was one more thing we had to change/miss/reschedule.

We also had to have our girls miss a sleepover for a dear friend. She was turning 12 on 10/10/10. I felt really badly about that, but just the mere mention of Grandma and Grandpa makes all things better. The girls were screechin' and squealin' about how they get to see their wonderful grandparents AND see their cousins. 

Sleepover, Shmeepover!

And so here's the news...
I got to see Pam from "You're Gonna Miss This" again and I love catching up with her. She is a precious woman of God. She has six kids: James, Zach, Leah, Lucas, Jadon, and Kiahna that keep her very busy, on her toes, and on her knees. :-) They are a blessing and she is a beautiful mom. 

And I finally met Julie from, "Life with the Lehman's", for the first time. She and I have been hoping to meet much sooner, but God's timing is perfect, and Saturday night was the night. She is full of joy, kindness, and her smile lights up a room. She happens to be a blogger that I won a prize from last February. And because of my crazy schedule, I wasn't able to get my prize in person until this past weekend.

The reunion was the perfect place to collect my winnings. :-)

Miss Julie is a talented seamstress who made each of these beautiful things. One is a tissue holder, a checkbook holder, and the other is a small make-up case.

You should have seen me practically jumping up and down when I saw them. I'm not kidding. 

I know it's embarrassing, but I really did do that and I quite possibly squealed with delight, too!

I guess I should mention that these ladies happen to be classmates of my hubs, and Pam is the one that inspired me to blog. Julie eventually found me through Pam after finding out that I married one of her classmates.

Ya following me? 

We had the best time and I have to say that Shawn comes from a great class. Everyone welcomed me and I feel at home when I'm around them.
And even though that rock music was blaring, we danced in spite of it, and had a good old time.

Aw, look at these sisters snuggling up for a nap. 
What a silly way to sleep.


Joyce said...

I'm so glad to see you back and hear about your life. How fun to finally meet up with online friends...hope we get to do the same one of these days!

Pam said...

did Julie send you that photo!! I want it too!!! So great to see you!!! Too bad the music had to be that loud in the whole place, I didn't mind it when I wanted to be dancing!: (I gave in for awhile too!) but not when i wanted to be talking!!!

The Lehman's said...

Carol--Hope you guys have had a great week. It was awesome finally getting to meet you. Good luck with your middle school boys tonight. Have a great weekend. julie :)

Natasha said...

Looks Yummy! You've inspired me. The next chance I get I will be baking bread. :)Love and Miss Ya!
PS The kitties are getting so big!