Saturday, August 29, 2009

" 52 Weeks" 7/52 ~ The Birthday Girl!


This week at Forever in Blue Jeans, "52 Weeks" challenge, I wanted to share about my birthday.

Yep, on the 43rd, I celebrated my 27th birthday, I mean... ahem... reverse that. It was a truly special day. My family, all 6 of them, made such a big deal out of it. They are wonderful and I love them with all of my heart.

By the way, the "52 Weeks" challenge is all about finally getting in front of the camera. As moms we tend to be the ones taking the pictures, so I decided to accept the challenge. Stop by Carin's blog to see more of these posts.

This picture was not taken on my birthday, but I thought I'd share it anyway. It was taken at the Chatsworth House, where "The Duchess" and "Pride and Prejudice" were both filmed. I haven't seen either of those films, but hear they were great.


Shawn was busy making my birthday cake: Yellow Duncan Hines with chocolate frosting. It was delicious!

When I left the house to take my friend, Mayra, to the grocery store, Shawn and the kids decorated the house for me. It was lovely to come home to.

We went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Manchester called Don Giovanni's. Yum! Italian food is my all time, absolute favorite!

Shawn and I

We had my niece, Allie, my friend, Mayra, and her daughter, Ava, here with us. It made the occasion even more special.

The kids were bursting with excitement, when we got home, to open all of my presents.

I received special teas, and shortbread from Braaten, some Costa coffee from Austin, Melanie bought me bubble bath and strawberry soap, Allie gave me a wallet and change purse, Mayra was kind enough to give me a gift card from a store called "Fat Face", funny I know, but the clothes are really nice, and my sweet husband bought me some chocolates from Dublin and let me get an iPod Touch while we were in Michigan. Whew! So thankful...

They were ready to sing "Happy Birthday" here.

And I had to humble myself and show this funny picture. I purposely, in order to be silly, inhaled a huge breath to blow out all 7 of my candles! I wanted to be successful, ya know, so I did that and it was caught on film.

One last shot of us at the table.


Heart2Heart said...


Thank you so much for inviting all of us to share in your birthday. I felt that we were a part of being there based on your pictures! By the way you look marvelous in all your pictures and your family is a priceless treasure.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Gotta Have Faith said...

Happy Birthday fellow 40ian! I know it sounds corny, but being in our 40's is a great thing. We are more comfortable in our skin than ever before! I am not talking about weight or how we look, but how we feel about ourselves inside. I no longer care about what people think, well not as much anyway as I used to.

Anyway, Happy 21st Birthday with 22 years of experience! That is how my wife Kat and I see it!

Hope you have an incredible weekend!


Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I had no idea that we were the same age!!! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Carol. I hope it was a wonderful day! You are beautiful! Loved all the pictures of you.

McCrakensx4 said...

Those are great! Love the one of you blowing our your candles...pricesless! Happy Birthday Friend!

petrii said...



It is so funny that I am one day older than you.

It looks like you had such a fun day. That picture of you blowing out the candles ~~ hilarious!!! So fun.

Do you like your ipod touch?!!
They look really nice.

Have a Blessed day,

Under the Florida Sun said...

Aww. how fun! And what great shots!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!

My dd would LOVE to be able to see that castle. She loves Pride and Prejudice!!1

Joyce said...

Happy Belated Birthday! We''ve been away all weekend so I am just now reading a few posts.

Looks like a happy day!

May God bless you all the year through...Love, Joyce

LisaShaw said...

Happy Birthday Carol! 43 is a great age! Enjoy it!

You look beautiful and what fun everyone had! Awesome memories were created and that's so important.

Love the photo of you and your handsome husband.

My hubby turned 44 Fri 8/28. August is a big birthday month. :)

Love and blessings.

E @ Scottsville said...

Well, the good news is that you COLD pull of 27!

Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU, my friend!


Wow! What beautiful pictures of you and your family. You and Shawn make a picture perfect couple!

When did you get back home? Did you have a nice time in the states?

I have not been visting blogs too much lately [hard to sit at the computer] but I'll stop in from time to time again!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
[JESUS - For His Name's Sake]

chili pepper said...

Sorry I missed your birthday girl. I have not had much time for visiting lately. You look lovely, as always, and it seems you had a special day even without me.

Happy belated birthday. Love your new look here.