Friday, October 17, 2008

a bit about Austin

This is Austin, our first born, now 12. Hmm, he's got that 12 year old boy's persona. You know the one I'm talking about. It's where he wants to now challenge my every word, or annoy his younger siblings by teasing them when they were just minding their own business. He doesn't do these things as much around his dad, I proclaim. And once again, he says, "Yes I do, Mom." Between you and me... no he doesn't. Well maybe just a tiny fraction of the time.  Wink! 

Maybe it's just me who likes to be right all the time. I'm not happy to admit that. Or maybe I want control too much over who he is and how he behaves. God has used this sweet, young man to bring me to Him in repentance more times lately than I can count. 

Austin's a great kid. He does well in school here at home. He loves to play and have fun and gets really excited about the little things. His current interests are sports, just about any kind. Baseball is top choice. We even found a baseball team in Manchester, England. It is definitely not a sport played here much at all. Their big sports are "football", you and I know it as soccer. And the other sports kids tend to play here are rugby, cricket, and tennis. Since we moved to England, he has been taking golf lessons and is loving that. 

Austin is gentle, kind, loving and sweet and he loves the Lord. He's my firstborn and I'm extremely proud of him.

More on our other blessings from God soon.  


steffenboysmom said...

Austin sounds like my first born. It's a good thing my first was so sweet or I may have considered not having any more! he he. No, probably not.

Enjoy him! They are a joy! ( and I hear so much easier than girls)

Carol said...

Thanks Tara. Our 2nd child is a girl and she's 10. You'll read about her very soon. They are a joy for sure.

Pam said...

He looks like his dad!

Oh, you are tagged, come to my blog to see!!

Lizzy said...

Austin is an awesome young man! I don't think I have ever met a twelve year old boy that didn't do all of the things you mentioned. I remember when my brother was his age. He used to antagonize me ALL of the time!!